Pictures below are from Kirtan Mela 2012. 
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Hare Krsna,
Please Accept my Humble Obeisances,
All glories to Sri Guru and Gaurang,
All glories to Srila Prabhupada
I am Tanesh Gamot, student at IIT kharagpur, INDIA. I was called upon for registration services in Mayapur during 22-26 Feb. So due to services i could not be able to attend whole Kirtan Mela. But I attended a few events in that like kirtans by HH Sachinandan Maharaj, HH BB Govind Maharaj, HH Indradyumn Maharaj, HH Niranjan Maharaj and HH Lokanath Maharaj. It was really outstanding experience. It gave me a stamp impression in my heart. In future if I'll any downfall or slipping off in practicing devotional service I'll just have a glimpse of some memories which I recorded, and my status will be revived by mercy of Lord Gaurang. Really it was an awesome experience. 
I have registered my name and e-mail id at stall in Panchatattva Hall. Please send me CD's of whole Kirtan Mela. I am eagerly waiting for it. For this I'm again sending my phone no. and contact details down here. Please let me know if any further programs like Kirtan Mela is going to happen. Thank You very much. I'm feeling much pleasure in sending this feedback.

Tanesh Gamot

Hare Krishna,

The last 4 days I witnessed and took part (on-line) in the most practical example of "Unity in Diversity"
The Kirtan Mela in Mayapur ended this morning at 10 AM PST. The participants although under one roof physically, yet throughout the world on-line, must have been as diverse as could be, yet all were chanting the Lord's Blessed Holy Names with such exuberance my heart melted.
There were some participants with whom I have sparred in the past,some, I love dearly, and others I have never before interacted with,till now over these past 4 days (nights). The experience binds us together in a closer bond than family blood lines. Lord Krishna accepted the extreme actions of Putana as attempted murder on His life but because she offered her breast for Him to nurse, He ended her demonic body and accepted her motherhood.Lord Chaitanya is said to be the most magnanimous of All. Srila Prabhupad is truly the manifestation of Lord Caitanya's "Tolerance" more so than the tree.The challenge we face is the practical application of tolerance and magnanimity in structured organization. I dare say that organization due to our limited experience is only successful under Srila Prabhupad when it facilitates Hari Nam Sankirtan on or off the streets....through sound or written word. The rest of organization is only as good as it further facilitates this undertaking.The battles recently fought on-line with our God-brothers and sisters was every bit as much as the fratricidal war of Kurukshetra. The only difference is that we didn't kill each others bodies. Yet some in the battle may have given up their family connections due to the fighting.However not all is lost because Lord Caitanya is our refuge and He has even taken in Jagai and Mudai. Could we accept Putana, or Jagai and Madai into our association even as Lord Caitanya does?
Srila Prabhupad had to tackle this challenge daily. Can we? Can I? From my part the simple answer is So who is the real challenge ......ME.....this false ego. I pray that you all bless me that I may have Dharsan with the sound incarnation of God..Lord Krishna. And thus be re-united with my eternal associates in the universal shelter of Hari Nam.
Kala das

Hari Bol !  
Many many thanks for your prompt reply.  Making a donation is the least i can do to support your magnificient effort and in organising such a divine and spiritual Kirtan Mela for the benefit for one and all. I would personally like to congratulate you for this and may you continue this effort in the service of the Lord. 
I hope to be there for the opening of the new temple if not before to personally  experience the divine magic of the kirtan mela. 
Thank you once again for taking your time and replying to me so promptly during such a busy schedule and i hope to also meet you in person some day.
Hare Krishna,

Hare Krsna Prabhus And Matajis

We also hope that the sankirtan mela will continue yearly before the Gaura Purnima festival.
The whole Gurukul attended the kirtans every day. Many of the boys were staying till the end and get up for Mangala Arati the next day. I think that it was a very enlivening event for all of us. It is inspiring to hear Kirtan from senior devotees who actually dedicated their entire life to chant the holy name of Lord Krsna. As they were sharing their realizations even a stone-hearted guy like me was inspired to chant the holy names. I am very thankful to the organizers and request them to organize it again next year. I think it was a great contribution to both the Mayapur community and the ISKCON society.
Your Servant
Vagisha Das

Hare Krishna Mataji,

The  Kirtan Mela in Mayapur was according to me one of the best Occasion that Mayapur would ever has experienced. I watched the Mela for complete 4 days and from 10am to 11pm despite having my exams in the coming week. I was considering myself as unfortunate as I was not able to come there and enjoy the live experience but more fortunate than those who even did not see online. I live alone in my room and the people here are not so friendly, so I feel depressed and feel alone here. I used to waste my time watching movies and listening to songs. But these are temporary things and can divert the mind for limited time only. After watching the kirtan mela for 4 days , the Hare Krishna Mahamantra now recites in my mind 24 hr.
I don't feel alone and whenever i feel i should relax myself i listen to the recorded videos and again charge up the mind with Sweet Melodies of the Hare Krishna Mahamantra. I can now concentrate more on Krishna and also I am always smiling and experience supreme Ananda chanting the Holy names of Krishna.
In yesterdays announcement i heard that the main person behind the Kirtan mela was You Mataji so I am very much thankful to you and all the Devotees who are involved in making the Kirtan Mela a sucess and also broadcasting the same through successfully.
Hare Krishna.
Always want to be in the Service of Krishna and His Devotees.  
Keshav (Chandigarh)
S/o Rasik hari Das and Karuna Murti DD
Mtech IIT hyderabad


This is Jadurani. We met at Govinda's earlier this month with Mahamaya (her son is my son-in-law). I just wanted to say the most heartfelt thank you for the kirtan mela. Now I am in separation, missing it so much. I fully participated in it every minute that I was not working. It helped that my husband is not here, he is in Mayapur, chairing the masterplanning team. I could not get away from it. Thank you for orchestrating It. I know it is a lot of work, I have put together conferences. 
Look forward to seeing you next time we are in the Dham.
Jadurani d.

Hare Krishna,

I would like to let you know what kind of impact the Kirtan Mela had on me. This was the first time that I have seen the Kirtan Mela live from I did not know that this website existed, until someone told me about it. I'm happy that this person told me about it, because the impact of the Kirtan Mela, that it had on me, it indescribable.
Everytime when I listen to the kirtans again on Youtube, I just feel happy from inside. It makes my day a lot better. The energy, the vibe, the happiness that I get from seeing back the kirtans makes me feel great. I'm happy that the kirtans are posted on Youtube and on Blip. I can listen to it everytime when I feel like it.
The devotees at Mayapur are doing a great job for the live broadcasts. I hope that all the videos will be posted on Youtube or Blip.
The Kirtan Mela has increased my hunger for kirtans and my love and devotion to Krishna and Caitanya Mahaprabhu.
I hope that I will be able to visit Mayapur in the future.
Hare Krishna
Sadhana Ramsewaksing

Hare Krishna!
Please accept my humble obeisances,
All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

This year's Kirtan Mela at Shri Mayapur Dham was extremely transcendental. Thanks to all the Maharajs and Prabhus who led the chanting of the Holy name.
Many thanks for organizing it and even more for making it live on internet for souls who are far away from the ground zero.

Mata, Prabhu
Hare Krishna

Thanks for allowing me to sit in the Mayapur Kirtan Mela 2012 even though I am seven seas away. Without your efforts and service of team members of Mayapur TV it would never have been possible.
That was ecstatic and the way that Madhava ended was truly divine what to speak of inspiration.
The energy of HH Indradyumna was amazing
The highest # I saw logged in was 1154.
The final day will be tremendous.
Thank you so much for doing this. I have the speakers on at full volume for the last 90 min.
Hare Krishna 
Dandavat Pranam

Hare Krishna 
Dandavat Pranam

An extremely influential, perfectly managed event and heaps of mercy overflowed. Anyone who was there could perfectly understand the glories of lord and his devotees

I saw  nearly every kirtan online,although in college. Tears of ecstatcy can flow from the pure chanting by great kirtaniyas. On facebook I also saw such posts .
The perfectness of that can be well experienced as even to those whom we told about this to see ,watch it over 2hours at the end, deeply attracted.
Beautifully played kartals violins and yes the sitar simply made the heart melt 
What to say more, in the BACE we put a projector on the end day. Put loud speaker and all te devotees here even sang along with maharajs and madhav prabhu. we danced in ecstacy.watched till the end 11:23PM
The most exellent was day 3 kirtan by Hg madhav prabhu with  HH BB Govind maharaj. I don't  know why it is not uploaded on you tube .
We have downloaded all the videos as well we kept on recording from our systems mp3 Its a treasure now which we can use for preaching to our youth devotees,showing them how the lord  holy name can make one dance like a madman ...........
Your servants from 

Bhopal Bace*

BACE is BHAKTIVEDANTA ACADEMY FOR CULTURAL EDUCATION. It is a place where devotees live together while studying or  working .


Hare Krishna!!

I am very happy with the way Kirtan mela turned up this year. I had not expected it to be so intense. I am very very fortunate that i could be a part of it through the I felt as though i was singing in front of Pancha tattva in Chandrodaya temple whilst being in Mumbai. The Kirtan mela gave a lot of energy , blessings and i got to learn many new tunes. I am forever obliged to the devotees for airing it, to the kirtaniyas and all the devotees who were a part of Kirtan mela  2012. I pray to Haridas Thakur to give them enormous attachment to the Holy name.. Hari Haribol!
Thanking you,
your servant,

Hare Krishna!
Please accept my humble obeisances.

I am very very grateful to Mayapur TV and to all the vaishnavas.
It was a rebirth at every Hare Krishna Mahamantra sung.
It was like a Big Celebration in the UNIVERSE for the pleasure of Sri Sri RadhaMadhav and Sri Sri Panchatatva.
It was very fortunate to take darshan of so many great Maharajs and senior devotees  and to associate with them via the technology of Mayapur Tv.
I pray unto the lotus feet of all devotees that i may also stand a chance to be a part of kirtan mela next year.
All glories to Shrila Prabhupad.
Nitai Gaur Hari Bol!!!!


i can't go to mayapur, but thanks a ton to for giving us the nectar through online service. ki jai \o/ \o/ \o/
Thank you very much. i couldn't watch first one. but i got 4 days off from work. so i can watch at home! i need wake up 11:30p tonight ... mmm ys bvd


  1. wonderful ............
    and we wish more of these nectars.....

  2. pranams to all of you great Vaishnavas... Thanks for all the efforts in bringing the Krishna kirtan again this year

  3. Param Vijayate Sri Krishna Sankirtanam