Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Dear devotees and dear friends!

The Mayapur Kirtan Mela 2013 was a memorable spiritual event in the lives of many. This year’s attendance at the kirtans was much better than the year before, and more chanters than expected took part in the worldwide "internet kirtan" - in front of their computers at home. Several devotees remarked that when they were having that beautiful kirtan in the Adbhuta Mandir (newly constructed temple) they felt like they were walking into a prophecy which foretold that from Mayapur, being the capital of kirtan, Krishna consciousness would spread all over the globe by the power of the Holy Name.

In the scriptures we find some instructions for constant chanting. For example, Shukadeva Goswami encouraged Maharaja Pariksit to continuously chant:

Constant chanting of the holy name of the Lord after the ways of the great authorities
is the 
doubtless and fearless way of success for all...
(Shrimad Bhagavatam 2.1.11)

In this important verse, Shukadeva Goswami emphasizes anukirtana, constant chanting - that means – do not stop chanting!

When Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu moved to Puri, his parting words to the devotees in Navadvipa where similar:

Whether you are sleeping, eating or walking,
day and night think of Krishna 
and chant His names 
(Chaitanya-Bhagavata Madhya 28.28).

And Shrila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur Prabhupada clarifies:

"For one who has heard the kirtan inaugurated by Gaura,
there is no instruction to give up 
chanting the names of Krishna 24 hours every day
- even while eating, sleeping or walking."

How can we apply this instruction?

While it may not be possible for everyone to chant non-stop, it is certainly possible to follow another instruction of Mahaprabhu which was to engage in frequent kirtans at home. The Lord instructed:

Five to ten people can sit together in a house and
perform kirtan while clapping their hands.
(Chaitanya Bhagavata Madhya 23.79).

The devotees who received this sacred order from the Lord became very happy. They gathered in the evenings at their homes and performed kirtan together by taking up mridunga drums, karatalas and conchshells. Thus they engaged their bodies and minds daily in chanting the Names of Krishna and meditating upon the Lord. Ecstasy soon spread everywhere.

One does not need to be an accomplished singer or instrumentalist to perform kirtan. Just one’s voice and one's two hands for rhythm are sufficient. Our humble suggestion is that until the next Kirtan Mela or a bigger kirtan event takes place, you can be connected with the Yuga Dharma by inviting friends and have your own Kirtan Mela in your own home.

Now, here is an e-mail which melted our hearts when we received it:

Our little son Rasanath’s (8 yars old) life changed when he got the chance 
to sing the maha mantra at the insistence of HH Indradyumna Swami.
He was overjoyed when he could see 
how he could help himself and others
connect with the Lord through the Holy Name.

He was even more thrilled when the Kirtan Mela at Mayapur followed in the next few days. He was ready to miss school and would just sit before the internet broadcast and
listen to the 
kirtans which you so kindly organized.
He has not stopped singing kirtan since then. 

I wish that all of us could discover the blissful life which the Holy Name has in store for us by
keeping its chanting with us - always.

The Next Kirtan Mela in Mayapur

The dates for the next kirtan Mela in Mayapur have already been fixed. Adhivas on February 27th 2014, Kirtan Mela, February 28th -4th 2014. Kindly take note of them in your calender and make sure that you can participate directly - either live or on-line through Mayapur TV.

In addition, it is now possible to obtain the recordings of all the kirtans which were compiled and brought to a high audio standard by our sound-wizard Ekendra Prabhu. You can order them on our DOWNLOAD page.

Let us end by thanking you all profusely for giving us the undeserved opportunity to serve you all.

Wishing you all the best and asking you all to please keep on chanting!

Sacinandana Swami and the Kirtan Mela Team Mayapur

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